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Dirty Dutch main man Chuckie continues to cast his net far and wide right now. Pulling in huge waves of fans from various genres around the world with his groundbreaking Traphall and explosive Dirty Dutch releases, the chief party-starter is well and truly bringing the Chuckie vibe on a global scale. Two months after his last release on Dirty Dutch, he takes the reigns once again, locking into a powerful, rolling house sound with “The Future.”

The new track represents more of a stripped back sound for Chuckie, finding its potency through the depth and power of the bass that surges throughout. The sheer strength of the combination of rolling bassline and stabbing synths creates a momentum that sweeps you along with the track. Deft use of percussive claps and echoed vocal samples add a sense of swing and personality that arms “The Future” with a fresh, self-assured attitude. Chuckie has heard the future and it has never sounded better!