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No one knows how to party like Dirty Dutch Music. Never needing an excuse to crank up the decibels and pump out the party vibe, the hedonistic clubbing institution is celebrating its 100th release in typically explosive and unpredictable style. Chuckie is going full-circle and taking it back to the imprint’s very foundations with a 17 track EP featuring only urban and electronic acts from right inside Dirty Dutch heartland, NL. Showcasing that eclectic, energetic and upfront mishmash of styles, the special EP is bringing the Dirty Dutch house party vibes to the rest of the world.

Highlighting the label’s open minded ethos and dedication to innovation over 17 tracks, the EP gives the perfect snapshot of an imprint that remains committed to pushing the envelope for urban and electronic music worldwide. From MK’s stripped back, exotic workout to the dubby, trap roller of DJ JAH & Julia Fatstash and onto FLAVA’s low-slung, future funk cut and the rhythmical intensity of Sam Blans, this is a release that is drenched in an addictive club aesthetic that thrills with each and every twist and turn. This is a restless collection of top quality tracks that reinforces Dirty Dutch’s reputation for dropping wildly distinctive and utterly combustive club bombs. It’s no mistake they are regarded as one of the best labels in the business. Like the 99 releases before it, this is formidable tackle!