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Chuckie, Brian Cross & Luis Roca combine with vocalists New Black Light Machine for the sun-drenched, energy-filled, feel-good anthem of The Los Alamos Beach Festival. Full of life, colour and emotion, Make Me Feel bristles with an old-school fervor. It’s big, thick grooves, classic piano chords and deep surging bass is the perfect festival-climaxer, providing the soundtrack for the shared experience of throwing hands up to the heavens and letting loose party-style.

The tempo is ramped right from the start. Rapid rhythms and jostling layers of bass competing space. Before long that is stripped down to the bare piano chords and deliciously rolling bassline. As the track begins to build we are sweep up along with that rich bass and soaring aesthetic. A true journey into the setting sun, this is Chuckie, Brian Cross & Luis Roca at their expressive best.