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When it comes to representing the vibe of Miami’s electronic music scene, there can be no better team than Dirty Dutch compadres Chuckie and Landis. First you have Chuckie, a long-term resident at LIV and a strong vocal supporter of the city; but when you throw in Landis, the originator of the Miami bounce sound, you are in the best hands imaginable to experience the wild energy of The Magic City. Their explosive track together surges forward with a life of its own, unshackled by restraint and bouncing forward with swagger, attitude and personality.

“Miami Bounce” opens amid a hectic soundscape off skipping drums, shuffling rhythms, computerized vocals and futuristic FXs. As the tension builds to unbearable levels, the track spills over into some dominating and melodic synth work, which provides the real hook of the tune. Accompanied by a tumbling bassline, the synths sway from side and side, leading us into a more subtle and contented sounding breakdown. Before long, we are plunged right back into the fire as crunching beats and heavy bass cave in over the top to create that unmistakable Miami bounce.