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Chuckie – Party Starter – OUT NOW

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Dirty Dutch boss Chuckie has never just done the same as his peers. Always pushing the boundaries and trying something new and different, he has consistently managed to bring a freshness and adventurous attitude to his sound. His new track, “Party Starter” is another energetic and pioneering club bomb that pulls off being both groovy and intense with aplomb. Its dubby, underground vibes build up a powerful and intoxicating groove that swells into an overriding tech monster.
The track kicks off with drums that are at once funky and thumping. Scratchy synth lines begin to work their way into the track to bring a wild and untamed aesthetic. Ghetto-funk vocals bring the attitude by the bags full as those deep, surging basslines plough right through the centre of the entire track. The groove swings and bounces throughout, injecting an inimitable swagger into proceedings. Unfaltering, addictive and utterly distinctive, “Party Starter” is yet a further reminder of Chuckie’s innate ability to fuel the fires of every party he goes near!