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Chuckie & Bobby Puma are at it once again, teaming up once again for another energy-fuelled, peak-time monster that bridges the gap between house and electro. Once again working in perfect harmony, they bring the Dirty Dutch vibe with bags of personality and confidence.

Jolting into action immediately from the start, “Once Again” casts us adrift on an ocean of flowing bass and undulating beats. Stormy atmospheres begin to build up and then spill over into a tidal wave of fierce synth stabs, lurching undercurrents of sub-bass and added reverb. Straightforward in its simplicity yet devastating in its addictiveness, the track pulls you in before flinging you back out into the choppy atmospheres that gives “Once Again” its bold and upfront spirit. Ending amongst calmer waters in which subtle grooves continue the journey and lead us into a brief but different channel, Chuckie & Bobby Puma once again highlight their resolute defiance to ever standing still.