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If it’s true that there’s no rest for the wicked, then we are in the presence of true evil when confronted with ChildsPlay. The energy-filled trio are tirelessly pushing the envelope for modern electronic music. Their diverse and unpredictable mashup of genres has ignited dancefloors and blown minds around the world with an unstoppable fervour. As the fires of creativity and inventiveness continue to spill over at ChildsPlay HQ, the trio have now announced their latest innovation – their own brand new label. Playground Music will continue to spread their diverse palette and attitude, not to mention energy and spirit to the far corners of the globe.

Launching the label will be the intense, burning and explosive collaboration between ChildsPlay and their long-time friend, Chuckie. “Gangster” is an upfront, adrenalin-fuelled concoction of house, electro and traphall that packs plenty of power and arrives with bags of attitude. Locked into a deep yet forceful bottom end, “Gangster” moves from the bottom up with pounding 4/4s, scratching synths, shuffling rhythms and clunking drums. Ghetto vocals inject further attitude as the track explores a contemporary soundscape with real focus and confidence. Floor-shaking and wall-rattling to the very end, this is ChildsPlay and Chuckie at their uncompromising and explosive best.